Swim Open Stockholm ets. 2016 and was from start a meeting that aimed high. The ambition was to create a meeting with a full event olympic program to be one of the most attractive FINA qualification meetings world wide. On top of that we added a attractive prizetable with a total amount of €64 000. That made the meeting interesting both for for world class competitors, national teams, media. And of course Swim Open Stockholm from start was broadcast live on EUROSPORT.

Some of the most important goals for the meeting were and still are:
•   Get the swedish top swimmers the oppurtunity, and the audience get a chance           to meet & see internationall top athletetes in ”homepool”

•   Inspiration for younger swimmers in their careers

•   Build inspire moments for officials and volonters

•   Show Swedish Swimming world wide, for public and for partners and sponsors

•   Build the Sweden Swimming brand with success in media

•   Secure an acceptable economical status

•   Promote Stockholm as the Capital of Scandinavia