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Now the time flies, and in end of Mars the first leg in the Nordic Swim Tour will start in the charming & beautiful city of HELSINKI and the fantastic and Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center - So nice, so fast and so perfect in all ways!

And then the second leg in the tour goes further to one of the juwels of the norwegian geography - BERGEN and the magnificant and extrodinary  Alexander Dale Oen Arena!!!

The last leg in the tour ends with Swim Open in the awsome Capital of Scandinavia - STOCKHOLM! Yeah - Yeah - Yeah - It´s partytime!!!

Here you find the last news at Swim Open Stockholm

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INVITATION Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2020
Releaseday for the new flyer!
Official Dates for 2020
Welcome Energy Standard!

Swim Open Stockholm will be the final venue for Nordic Swim Tour 2020. At this competition the Nordic Swim Tour prize winners will be honored!  

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